Thursday, 25 March 2010

The cure for insomnia

I recently got turned on to the Chicago recluse JT IV (John Henry Timmis IV) after a conversation with Times New Viking. For those of you that are not aware of him, settle down and i'll give you the basics. His first release was in 1980, he barely left the house and never toured, made some of the most cosmic spaced out Hawkwind inspired garage punk and apparently made the longest movie in the world entitled 'The Cure For Insomnia'...a mere 85 hours!

Check out this bunch of bozos dancing to his Lou Reed response track 'Waiting For The CTA' on public access tv show 'Chic-A-Go-Go':

Liking it so far? Well, those good guys at Drag City unearthed and released the album 'Cosmic Lightning' which is bundled with a DVD, for which this is the trailer for:

JT IV - 'Death Trip'
JT IV - 'The Monitors'
JT IV - 'Destructo Rock'

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